Using Electronic Ear Muffs for Ear Protection

Electronic ear muffs help to reduce sound at higher levels while still being able to hear a person who is standing near you while they are talking. Hearing protectors assist in the preservation of hearing. Loss of hearing is often a gradual process. Hearing loss is invisible and more common than people think. If one works in a high noise environment it is important that they understand the damage that can be done to their hearing.

There are early warning signs including being able to hear but not understand; finding it hard to hear in noisy situations or groups of people; people seem to be mumbling; the television needs to be turned up or the door bell or telephone don't appear to be loud enough. If you have these signs it is important to seek medical advice however way before you begin to lose your hearing you should take preventative action.

Electronic ear muffs are important for ear protection. They avoid noise induced hearing loss (NIHL) which is the world's most common and costly occupational illness and according to the World Health Organisation (WHO) its incidence is increasing. Once a person suffers noise induced hearing loss it is incurable. However it is preventable. NIHL is the name given to varying levels of hearing loss suffered as a result of noise exposure. While most commonly caused by industrial noise, the illness can result from excessive noise from any source including amplified sounds in pubs, niteclubs, concerts and major events.

Electronic ear muffs have several applications these include:

Building and Construction
Entertainment Venues
Sporting Events
There are several types of electronic ear protection on the market however most of these are based on active noise reduction (ANR) which electronically increases the level of sound suppression of hearing protectors without speech distinguishing capabilities. Therefore they do not have the ability to make a distinction between speech and noise. What is really required of electronic ear muffs is the ability to make this distinction. Until recently there was no product on the market to do this, however this has changes with what is referred to as Senstechnology

Senstechnology is revolutionary in its way of working. It is a solution to the problem of other electronic hearing protectors by combining an array of tiny microphones seamlessly connected to a small processor discreetly fitted within the products. This processor is able to make a distinction between speech and background noise by selectively enhancing speech and at the same time suppressing noise. Through this means a high quality natural speech plays directly into the electronic ear muffs or ear plugs or optionally it can be connected via Bluetooth to a mobile phone or two-way radio.

This modern electronic ear protection technology is the only product on the market providing a consistently high quality audible speech for environments up to and above 85 dB(A) while providing hearing protection for the three areas of industrial noise. These hearing protectors work extremely well in situations of impact, intermittent and continuous noise.


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