Gun Shot Hearing Protection

Today there are a growing number of ear protection products for hunters. Recurring exposure to gunshots will often result in some form of hearing loss. Every hunter should consider using some form of ear protection.

When choosing a hearing protection device, there are several things to consider. Your first may be price, since the household budget is a concern for most people. Be sure and check not only your local gun shop, but online as well for pricing and sales of devices you're interested in.

Price and next effectiveness may be the order of importance to most hunters. To help with effectiveness hearing protection devices often have a Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) assigned to them. The NRR rating tells what decibel (dB) intensity the device will shield you from. You can also combine protections such as ear-plugs and ear-muffs to provide greater protection. If you combined devices calculate the NRR rating by adding 5 to the greatest NRR rating of the devices you are using.

EAR PLUGS Of course, the least expensive option for hearing protection would be ear plugs. Not all earplugs are created equal. Some are high quality, and will afford you decent hearing protection. Others are made cheaply and are worth little. If you choose ear plugs, be sure to insert them properly, or you will not receive the full benefit they can give. The biggest advantage you'll find with earplugs may be their size. Drop them in your pocket, and you're set.

Ear Plugs aside, Ear Muffs are generally the least expensive option for ear protection. Ear muffs are easy to fit but a little more bulky to carry. They range in price from very affordable to expensive. If you select the least expensive ones you may notice they ware quickly and do not provide the protection you're looking for. Electronic ear muffs provide great protection but make sure you select one that has a Noise Reduction Rating (NRR).

DIGITAL EAR PROTECTION- The most recent gadget for hearing safeguard uses digital technology. There are a small amount of models offered at this time. An excellent illustration of today's digital ear shield devices is the SportEAR. These digital "ears" can make possible for you to hear the minute sound of game, but they go to protection mode as quickly as they sense any noise louder than a set decibel point. These devices make available both an NRR and a maximum output number, so you can compare devices to find the one that suits you best. They are minuscule, comfy to wear, and are outfitted with a responsive volume control. They may be more expensive than some hearing safeguard devices but the digital versions offer a lot more then less expensive options. The manufacturer may be willing to raise or lower your frequencies for your application. One of the nice features of the new digital hearing protection devices is that they can be used by a person with hearing problems. While they were produced for use while shooting, or working in a noisy situation, they are also fitting for a common individual who suffers from other hearing loss. The devices are made to generically fit anyone; fitting may be available from the factory.


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