Safety Glasses A Must In Construction

Whether a project is large or small, safety glasses are a vital piece of equipment to wear in construction. There once was reluctance to their wear since they were often uncomfortable. They fit poorly and severely reduced the field of vision. These days there are a wide variety of smart designs that afford the wearer good vision and comfort. Considering how common eye injuries are in construction, there is no longer an excuse not to wear protection.

Clear lenses account for the most sales. They are made of shatter proof glass. Coupled with a sturdy frame, they provide good protection from the most common sorts of accidents involving the eyes during construction getting hit head on by a small object. The earliest type developed, they now come in a wide array of designs.

Similar in design to clear lens types, shaded lenses are a good investment for anyone working outdoors. Since they cut down on glare, they reduce eye strain especially ones with polarized lenses. This leaves people feeling less tired allowing them to work longer hours. Quite a bargain considering that they cost less than many designer shades and yet provide nearly the same level of protection to the eyes as goggles do.

Overglasses are designed to be worn over prescription eye wear. Regular glasses can break into shards when hit forming a danger in themselves. Overglasses protect from this. Because of the high level of protection they provide and the wide field of vision they offer, they are often wore by themselves.

Overglasses can be avoided by incorporating prescription lenses directly into safety glasses. Some designs are so close to standard vision wear that they can be worn away from a construction site without garnering undue attention. Prescription lenses are custom ordered to the individual's need. Their added cost can be justified by the comfort and convenience they provide especially if worn often or for lengthy periods.

Virtually any sort of prescription lenses can be converted into safety frames suitable for use in construction. Trifocals, graduated lenses, and lenses that darken in sunlight can all be upgraded to protective wear for a reasonable price.

The highest levels of protection are found in the sort of protective wear used in working with chemicals. In addition to heavy duty frames able to survive hard impact, these lens systems have side guards that protect the eyes from any sort of splashes that might be encountered in lab work. They are often used when working with dangerous substances.

Goggles offer the highest degree of eye protection and should be resorted to if a job generates significant amounts of flying debris. However, there are considerable drawbacks to the use of goggles. They tend to cut down on the field of vision, and they can be uncomfortable over a long period of time. Given the comfort and the relatively high degree of protection they afford, safety glasses are generally best suited to construction work.


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